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74% Of Properties Purchased Have Been Off Market!

We are an independent Buyer's Advocacy offering a unique and bespoke approach to sourcing on & off-market property, leaving no stone unturned for our clients.

Find your way home.

Melbourne First & Family Home Buyer's Advocate

Finding your next place to call home isn't just about buying a house; it's about creating a journey where every step feels familiar and every moment feels just right.

Let's face it, home buying can be a bit overwhelming.

We empower Melbourne's first and family home buyers to confidently steer through the twists and turns of real estate and turn their homeownership goals into a reality they can confidently call their own.


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5-Star Reviews

Your journey is unique, and so are we.

We bring a positive, genuine, and authentic touch to your home-buying experience with a collaborative approach that puts your preferences and aspirations centre stage.

We're redefining the home-buying journey as your personal team of guides in your corner, ready to not just talk you through every step but to actually help you do it.

We believe in making your journey a stress-free experience that reflects your unique story too.


Emily Wallace

Buyer's Advocate


Harry Wallace

Buyer's Advocate


Sam Robison

Agent Liaison

Buying a home comes with challenges.

Especially for first time buyers and families, and that's where we come in. Now you can forget the hassles, headaches and lost weekends and let us take care of:

Source & inspect potential properties

Deal & negotiate with agents for you

Act as the middleman with your team

Step with you from handshake to settlement

And a whole lot more!

Positive vibes with a personal touch.

From deciphering legal jargon to navigating negotiations it's our job to demystify the complex world of property acquisition and create an experience that resonates with your story.

Don't just take our word for it.

See what people say about working together.

Go from 'here to home' in 3 simple steps.

Forget the hassles; Our services aren't just efficient; they're your time and effort-saving companions, making the process quicker and more enjoyable.

Step #1: Connect on quick discovery call.

Step #2: Build your homebuyer profile.

Step #3: Find your place to call home!

Think of us as that welcoming friend who's always there for a chat as you step into the exciting world of real estate.

Who I Typically Work With

First-time Buyers




Book a time that works.

Use the calendar to find a time that suits!

Frequently asked questions, answered.

What does a Buyer's Advocate do?

Think of us like a professional house-hunter. It's our job to search, inspect and negotiate on your behalf, saving you huge amounts of stress, time and energy through an often overwhelming process.

A big reason people come to us is because we get access to "off market properties", which have way less competition because they're not available to the general public.

What areas does you cover?

We only work in areas that we have strong agent relationships being:

→ Bayside (Port Melbourne down to Mordialloc)

→ Inner South East

→ Northern Suburbs below the Ring Road

If you're looking to purchase in areas we don't cover we'll happily recommend you to a trusted Partner Advocate who'll be able to better help!

How long is your service agreement?

Our engagement period lasts for up to 90 days. If for whatever reason we extend past this, we adjust on a case by case basis. Truth be told, we've never worked with anyone we couldn't buy for and our average time-to-buy is just 31 days!

How do you find off market properties?

Great question! A huge aspect of what we do is building and maintaining Agent relationships and networks.

This brings many advantages that the general public don't typically get, especially when it comes to off market properties that we either ask if an agent has a matching property for a certain profile - or they notify us before anyone else.

Outside of Agent connections, it's not uncommon that we get access to properties directly from vendors themselves through things like Social Media and letterbox drops!

What about competition for the same property?

Every advocate is different, however we have a strict policy around competing profiles.

Meaning, if you're looking for something that has the same attributes as an existing client (area, price, type etc), we will let you know that we can't take you on as a client right now and place you on a waitlist instead.

Do you help sell properties as well?

No, we only ever are engaged by and represent purchasers. Some advocates play both sides of the fence (often called "Vendor Advocates"), which we personally see as a conflict of interest.

This is why we choose to only work with purchasers.

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